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Welcome to Celia Dickson's website


"Some people say that dreaming gets you nowhere in life. But I say you can't get anywhere in life without dreaming." - Rose Zadra

My artistic life was my salvation when I was a child.

My grandfather was a carpenter and a jazz musician in the 1930s. I take after him with his red hair, temperament, and his love of working with wood.

I've always been passionate about being outside, colour, texture, painting, drawing, gardening, photography, theatre, and music. I have a very visual memory and my art is always my medicine in one form or another.

I trained in London, Ireland and Surrey (Wimbledon School of Art - 1990-1993, National College of Art and Design, Dublin - 1989-1990, Surrey College of Art and Design - 1988-1989), obtaining a degree in sculpture.

Starting out as a scenic artist and prop maker in Cambridge, London and Surrey theatres, I moved onto painting for a large international party company, then dressing windows in London for Ralph Lauren, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, and Liberty.

In 1995 I diverted into managing a large crystal shop around the international festival circuit, learning much about palaeontology, crystallography, pataphysics, music, dance and sacred ritual.

Originally I was influenced by Matisse's simplicity and essence of line, Anish Kapoor's early use of saturated colour, Gustav Klimt's use of geometry, and the Art Nouveau movement.

I have used many mediums over the last 25 years as a professional artist, but currently I hand carve large wooden reliefs for both private commissions and exhibitions. I have exhibited extensively in London and South West England.

My archive work of eccentric recycled wood and metal wall reliefs sculptures are focused explosions of emotion, inspired by the wheels of the human chakra system. The wooden reliefs are the visions from my meditations.

Having travelled solo extensively from an early age, my first trip to India radically changed my world and inspired my love of mystical, transpersonal experiences - searching for the sacred through deep meditation and spiritual practice. I meditate a lot - be it in walking, yoga, wood carving, Jin Shin Jyutsu or mediation itself.

Now my fascination lies in observing the tremendous power yet profound fragility of the universal spirit. It's all about frequency and vibration, how thought effects spirit and wellbeing and prayer effects life.
'we become what we meditate on'...

I love being in nature and I now observe, which I learned later in life, that nature is mathematics and mathematics is art, which can be visualised by the use of sacred geometry, mandalas, the golden mean and fractals. These forms are present in all of life and they demonstrate a perfect principle of the universe.

Sacred geometry is the unchanging, always the same, perfect manifestation of the perfect intelligence behind the universe ... the god mind ... timeless reality and timeless perfection, the building blocks of the universe.
Hence why it's called 'sacred'.
You can not change it and this modern mathematics has given us a visual representation of the infinite.

"It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover." - Jules H. Poincare

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